Coco Strawberry Acai

by Abdul Ahad on January 11, 2022

When anyone asks me what my favourite breakfast is, the answer is easy: acai smoothie bowls. Not only are they absolutely delicious, refreshing and light, they are full of superfoods, including the Brazilian super acai berry. The list of benefits for this superfood are endless, some of which are listed on the card below:



Anti-ageing effects

Immune system booster

Energy boost

Improved skin heath

Improved heart heath

Reduces irritation and inflammation

Aids weight loss

With a prep time of only 5 mins, this really is the best breakfast! you can also add it to a flask and drink it on your way to work if you're in a rush.

It’s the cleaning up that takes the longest!

Method: Blend the following

2 Tbsp Acai berry powder

1 Serving vanilla protein powder (I use Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey as it has just 98 calories but high protein)

½ frozen or fresh banana

1 handful frozen mixed berries

1 Tbsp Hemp seeds

200ml coconut water

½ Tbsp coconut shavings

finishing touches:

Finely cut strawberries

Chia seeds

Coconut shavings