Watch and access all LEAN content from anywhere and up to 4K resolution. Hook it up to your laptop, cast to your TV or whatever is easiest to help you work out across devices! Easily search for all classes - so you can get straight to working up a sweat!


Reach your goals with LEAN workout guides and meal plans tailored totally to you. Choose between 3 - 7 classes a week and workout along with me. There are 100’s of classes designed to get you sweating and feeling the burrrrrrn familia, they’re suitable for any and all levels, with progressions and regressions for all movements and the ability to train at home or in the gym!


Brand new guides designed with your goals in mind added every single week familia.! Fancy levelling up your workout even more? You’ll also find brand new fiyaaaah challenges to get stuck into every month. And of course we have regular new recipe drops so you always have new yummy meals to fall in love with.


Find 100’s of recipes for Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarians and Pescetarians on the app, all created by our sports nutritionist exclusively for LEAN! Customise your meal plan to your needs and use my educational videos to help answer all your questions about all things nutrition.

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● Annually: £79.99, $69.99, 59.99€

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EVERYTHING you wanted, plus things you never knew you did, including:

● Personalized fitness plans

● Guided workout classes to train alongside Lilly in the gym or at home

● Workout guides structured around your goals and abilities

● A HUGE library of physio & how-to videos

● 100’s of recipes recipes at your fingertips all designed by our sports nutritionist

● Habit tracker to keep you on track and motivated

● Journaling to boost your mind and confidence

● LEAN store with exclusive early access to your fav products

As you know Lilly is a professional physio, fitness and health coach with 2.8 million women already in our Familia, so we didn’t want to let you down and have worked really hard to bring you something extra special. All the content, workouts and tools you need to take control, feel confident and be amazing.

A little more detail about what you’ll get:

Guided Workout Classes:

Get fit and follow along with Lilly in the LEAN app’s guided classes!

● 3 guides to suit you whatever your goal and ability: Hourglass Sculpt & Tone, Booty Pump & Lean Legs and Full Body Fat Loss & Abs!

● Workout at home or in the gym.

● Activations and finishers can be added to all classes to really get the most out of your workout.

● Play your favorite music on top of each class with our LEAN curated playlists

● Each class is time-stamped so you can jump to a section directly

● Very little equipment needed for fabulous results - you’ll only need a LEAN resistance band for most of the workouts!

Personalized Meal Plans:

● We take all your information and calculate the calories you need to be consuming and make you a personal meal plan

● 100’s of recipes for Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian & Pescatarians created by a top sports nutritionist.

● Switch meals, like meals and make it as custom as you like

● Optional calorie, macro and micro information on your plan - choose whatever is right for you!


Get access to all content from classes, how to use LEAN equipment, Physio, Learn exercises, nutrition videos in the LEAN App. New content will be added all the time!


● Library of how-to videos to make sure you’re performing movements correctly to avoid injury and get the most out of your sessions.

● Prevent and manage injuries with the Physio section of the app using Lilly’s years of expertise.

Journaling & Habit Tracker:

● Journaling area where you’ll be able to keep track of your progress, write down your thoughts and feelings and see how far you’ve come to help you feel amazing!

● Habit tracker to help you pick and choose new habits you’d like to form and stick to!


● Shop all the LEAN kit that you need to feel your level up your workouts & reach your goals faster.

● Find everything from resistance bands to pre workout and vegan protein powders with added superfoods with lots more to come...


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